Empire E80.96True Blue 96-Inch Heavy Duty Level

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e80 Series Heavy-Duty Aluminum Level
Empire Level E80 series heavy duty level, vari-pitch vial reads from level to 1/2-inch pitch in 1/8-inch increments True Blue vial equipped. True Blue vials accurate to within 0. 00050 in. per inch in all 10 level & plumb working positions. Heavy-duty 6061 aircraft aluminum chassis. 300-degree view top-reading level vial. Solid block acyrlic vials won’t break leak or fog. Milled edges for accuracy. Dual molded rubber endcaps for extreme shock resistance Solid Heavy-Duty I-beam “gunmetal” aluminum frame
e80. 24

How to Read Vari-Pitch™

The patented Vari-Pitch™ vial was developed to assist in setting slope/pitch on projects such as plumbing, driveways, patios, sidewalks, landscaping, gutter installation and more. Whenever drainage or flow of water is a factor in your next project, using an Empire level with the Var-Pitch™ vial is extremely helpful.

Level Position See photo 1
Vial markings indicate level and inches-per-foot-of-pitch from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch per foot in 1/8-inch increments. The bubble in the vial indicates level when the right edge of the bubble is touching the “zero” line.

Pitch Position See photo 2
When right edge of bubble touches the 1/4-inch mark, the pitch or slope runs high to right, low to the left at a rate of 1/4 inch per foot. Example : A 4-foot length of drain pipe would drop 1 inch from right to left, water flow to
the left.
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True Blue®

Empire Level is the home of True Blue® – the most accurate vials in the world. The newly designed True Blue® series of levels and squares are engineered to provide maximum accuracy, extreme durability, and enhanced readability with the strongest warranty in the industry. Empire Level is the leading designer and innovator of accurate levels and measuring tools. The blue fluid in our level vials is Empire’s unique symbol of superior accuracy and a trademark of Empire Level Mfg. Corp.

  True Blue Vial

About Empire Level
The history of Empire is synonomous with the modern level itself. Henry Ziemann, a master carpenter, founded the Empire Level Manufacturing Corporation in 1919 by inventing the first level with replaceable bubble vials. Ziemann’s son Harry was responsible for developing the torpedo level. When pharmacist Donald Wright married into the business in 1953, even he probably could not have foreseen that he would continue this tradition of innovation, patenting the first permanently embedded single-bubble vial, an innovation that would forever change the way levels were built, and later introducing the magnetic level, the top-reading level, the first all-plastic level, and the grade lines on bubble levels for reading pitch angles.

Empire now holds 30 patents and claims more improvements to this simple yet essential tool than any other manufacturer.

Today Empire Level is the leading designer and producer of levels, squares, layout tools and caution tape in the United States with dominant market share in the retail, contractor supply, and “Do-It-Yourself” markets.


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